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In PHP, $GLOBALS is a predefined superglobal variable that contains a reference to every variable that is currently defined in the global scope of the script. This means that any variable that is defined outside of a function or class can be accessed using $GLOBALS from within a function or class.

The $GLOBALS variable is an associative array, where the keys are the variable names and the values are the variable values. For example, if you have a variable $count defined in the global scope, you can access its value within a function using $GLOBALS[‘count’] .

Here’s an example:

$count = 0;

function increment_count() {

echo $count; // Output: 1

In this example, we define a global variable $count and a function increment_count() that increments the $count variable using $GLOBALS[‘count’] . When we call the increment_count() function, it updates the value of $count in the global scope. Finally, we echo the value of $count to the screen, which is now 1.

While it is possible to use $GLOBALS to access global variables from within functions and classes, it is generally not recommended, as it can make your code harder to read and maintain. It’s better to pass variables as arguments to functions or to use object-oriented programming principles to avoid relying on global variables.


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