Jquery Chaning

jQuery Method Chaining

In jQuery, method chaining is a technique that allows you to call multiple methods on a single element in a single statement. This can make your code more concise and easier to read.

Here is an example of method chaining in jQuery:


In this example, the addClass() and slideDown() methods are called on the same HTML element with the ID my-element . The addClass() method adds a class named “my-class” to the element, and the slideDown() method animates the element to slide down with a “slow” animation.

The key to method chaining in jQuery is that each method returns the original jQuery object, allowing you to chain another method call to the end of the previous one.

Here is another example that demonstrates how method chaining can be used to create a more concise and readable code:

$(".my-list li")
    .css("background-color", "#ccc")
    .on("click", function() {
        alert("You clicked on an item.");

In this example, the css() , addClass() , and on() methods are called on all the li elements within the HTML element with the class my-list . The css() method sets the background color of the list items to gray, the addClass() method adds a class named “selected” to the items, and the on() method attaches a click event handler to the items that displays an alert when clicked.

Using method chaining in jQuery can help you write more readable and efficient code, by allowing you to perform multiple operations on the same element in a single statement.

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